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Golden Rules Of Yoga Clothes

If you are anything like me, you must have tried a few classes in the quest of good health. Stationary biking, jogging, Pilates and even yoga. The one thing that is constant is the advice people give you because somehow, people assume to be experts in anything they do the bare minimum in. For instance, when I asked what clothes I needed in yoga, the answer was ‘loose clothes so I could feel comfortable’. Well, needless to say, loose clothing was not the best fit for yoga. Let’s just say I could have done with some proper advice before I walked into my first yoga class.

In this article, we will look at the golden rules when it comes to yoga clothing.

First things first, domesticate your tops. As mentioned above, loose tops are an absolute no-no when it comes to exercises like yoga. A loose fitting t-shirt will make you the laughing stock when you get to certain positions like downward dog and this is not something you want associated with your first yoga class. A fitting top is your best bet, not just for your own peace of mind but also for you and the trainer to see how your body is aligned.

Secondly, have the right bra. A lot of people seem to think that any old bra would do since yoga is such a low impact exercise but this could not be further from the truth. What you need is a good sports bra. Something that gives you coverage as well as comfortable support. Your everyday underwire bra will leave you bruised when the hooks dig into your spine and it will also inhibit your movements making you an ‘uncooperative’ student at best.

The next golden rule is remember to breathe and we are not just talking about your lungs here. We are also talking about your skin. Yoga is one of those workout that looks really easy but makes you sweat, a lot. which means breathable activewear is a highly recommended for your yoga wear attire, you can pick up a good set from this page. You want an absorbent fabric rather than one that retains moisture. This rule also applies to your private parts. Yes, cotton is usually the most preferred fabric when it comes to undies but it is a known fact that cotton gets quite heavy and take a while to dry. For your working out clothes, get a set of moisture-wicking underwear which you can wear to the gym under your yoga pants and tops for your own comfort.

When choosing yoga pants or leggings, the choice is simple, they should be stretchable and match the design of the rest of your outfit, womens yoga leggings in particular can be difficult to find but if you keep looking you'll be sure to find a good pair.

Another important thing to note is to have a few layers of clothing. Yoga clothes are generally made of thin fabric and this makes it a little challenging to manage in the colder seasons. However, if you layer up, you can manage the cold quite easily. You can also shed the layers if need be, keeping you cool and efficient as you exercise.

Finally, stick to dark colours. Given how much you stand to sweat after a few minutes of intent exercise, the last thing you want is to walk home looking like you just came from a wet t-shirt contest. For this reason, black and navy blue are the most common colours.